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Security Professional

Givatayim, Israel

We're looking for a Hands-On Security Professional

Daily tasks includes:

  • Configure and Managing variety of Information Security Systems

  • Managing Networking and Network Devices

  • Managing Infrastructure Security

  • Configuring Linux \Windows Servers Security Policies

  • Manage Security Updates rollout for Servers and Appliances 

  • Roll out new security measures and enhancements


At least 5 years of experience as an Hands-On Security Professional


Technical skills requirements:

  • Solid skills Configuring Checkpoint\Fortigate Firewalls including VPN and IPS

  • Solid skills Configuring and Managing Forcepoint Email Security

  • Solid skills Configuring and Managing Forcepoint Web Security

  • Configuring and Managing Endpoint Protection

  • Experience with any log management solution \ SIEM 

  • Experience with any log DLP System

  • Experience with Web Application Firewalls (advantage)

  • Experience with  any NAC Solution (advantage) 

  • Basic Experience with PKI and issuing Certificates ( Microsoft CA\OpenSSL)

  • Hardening Windows and Linux Servers

  • Solid understanding of networking at L2\L3\L4 Layers

  • Basic understanding of HTTP \ HTTPS \ SMTP \ DNS \ SSH protocols

  • Basic capability of traffic analysis with tools like as Tcpdump\Wireshark

  • Any Scripting skills


Personal skills requirements:

  • Strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Quick learner and have great attention to details

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

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